SXSS - 2015; Keep Austin Wheeled

South by Single Speed

…The Austin Single Speeders and Cycle Progression working together to Keep Austin Wheeled…

What is it?

Not a race and not a group ride, but a big, dirty, alleycat adventure where you’ll check in at as many points as you can on the BCGB in three hours.   Upon returning to the post-ride festivities at Cycle Progression, you’ll be rewarded with a raffle ticket for each point reached; earning you chances at fabulous prizes from the Austin Single Speeders and Cycle Progression.

Why this funky format?

Because we want a MTB event that’s fun for everyone – ourselves included. Something that the fast folks can ride fast, the slower folks can enjoy at their own pace, and not so epic that actual training or inordinate suffering is necessary. It’s an event that can be ridden solo or with a group, can be taken seriously or not, and will ultimately reward riders who can chart a smart route through the Greenbelt. At the end of the day, this is something different, and it ensures (in fact, mandates) that everyone gets to the party on time. See that? We’re all winning.


Sunday, June 28, 2015
Rolling from Cycle Progression at 12:00 pm
Returning to Cycle Progression at 3:00 pm
Rocking at Cycle progression til the beer, food and music run out


Beginning and ending at Cycle Progression
2153 S Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78704
(512) 447-7764


Anyone lucky enough to receive an invitation and bad ASS enough to accept it!

What else?

  • Single Speeds only… Geared bikes allowed IF they are “enhanced” to restrict shifting ability. No shifty bits will be harmed at SXSS, however you may become enlightened and decide to never use them again. Plan to arrive at the event early if you’re bringing a geared ride.
  • When will the checkpoints be shared? Not until the day of the event. You get to plan your route in real time.
  • Will it be possible to hit all the checkpoints in three hours? Maybe, maybe not.
  • Will there be pre-rides to learn the Greenbelt? Yes – as many as you choose to do on your own in advance of the event. Of course, the CPSocialRide rolls every Wednesday evening from the 360 entrance, weather permitting, so feel free to jump on in to familiarize yourself. No guarantee you’ll see any of the checkpoints, however 😉
  • Will the course be marked? Dude, there is no course, get it? There will be checkpoints identified on the Greenbelt and you’ll need to check in at as many as you can in the time allotted.
  • How will I check in? You’ll take a selfie of yourself at each checkpoint and proudly display these to a SXSS coordinator upon returning to Cycle Progression. You’ll receive a raffle ticket for each picture proving you reached a checkpoint. Showing a GPS track would be ultra cool too.
  • Will I have to drink a shot of warm tequila at every checkpoint? Sadly, no. As fun as that would be, we want everyone making it back to the party in one piece.
  • What happens if I get back to the party late? Don’t do it! You can return as early as you want, but for each five minutes past 3:00 PM that you return, you’ll lose one check-in earned on your ride. In other words, arrive 15 minutes late, and you’ll squander three, hard earned raffle tickets. Plan your ride carefully and don’t get greedy.
  • Will there be ride leaders? No. But you can follow people who might know their way around the Greenbelt better than you. Team up, form alliances, go stealthy and solo – it’s your call.
  • Will there be any support out on the trail? No. Bring what you need for fuel, hydration, repairs and first aid. It’s the greenbelt. It’s dangerous.
  • Is there a registration fee for SXSS? Nope. The Austin Single Speeders and Cycle Progression are hosting this to Keep Austin Wheeled. Donations will be accepted to help out with the cost of food and beverages and some SXSS swag will be available for sale. Bring a bit of cash.
  • What else do I need? A cell phone or digital camera to record your check-ins.
  • Parking at Cycle Progression will be extremely limited, so either plan to ride to the event, or to park in a surrounding neighborhood and ride to the start.
  • Helmets and hydration required.

How do I register?